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Donaghy is portrayed as a slick, brilliant and scrupulous network executive who directs many overtly backhanded compliments to Liz. Kevin Dotcom Brown Dot Com. She is a self-described “soul-sucking monster”. Bush , and Jerry Seinfeld. Pride: make every room a bathroom. Steiner uses unnecessary abbreviations and has a “really bad sex addiction.

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She was an occasional commentator on The Daily Show from to She voiced Sayrna in the EA video game Anthem. Schaal was born in Longmont, Colorado , to a Lutheran family of Dutch ancestry.

Schaal attended Skyline High School where she graduated in She also stars in A. Miles ‘ MyDamnChannel. Phineas Phrag! It was published in July by Chronicle Books.

Schaal has been married to Rich Blomquist since In , during a charity stream hosted by Ethan Klein , Schaal revealed that she had suffered an ectopic pregnancy and a ruptured fallopian tube during an unspecified recording session for Gravity Falls , losing at least two liters of blood, and she underwent emergency surgery after being rushed to the hospital. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actress, comedian, and writer.

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Originally a supporting character in the first two episodes of the series, the show’s producers eventually viewed him as a breakout character. In ” Believe in the Stars “, he states that he loves only two things: “everybody and television”. Kenneth grew up in poverty ; in ” Somebody to Love ” he calls the Parcells “neither wealthy nor circumcised “; [18] in ” Gavin Volure “, Kenneth states that he and his family “have eaten [their] share of rock soup and squirrel tail”, but have also known “lean times” as well.

Also in episode , during the end credits, we see a gravestone with Kenneth’s birth date: May 27, In ” Season 4 ” he tells Jack that the Parcells have a hometown reputation for honesty, though in ” Standards and Practices ” Kenneth tells Liz Lemon that a Parcell man has never been addressed as “mister”, except in an execution chamber.

Kenneth has a close relationship with his mother; he considers her to be his best friend and credits her with his optimism; she taught him that no matter how bad things seem, there is always someone else having a worse day “like being stung by a bee , or getting a splinter, or being chained to a wall in someone’s sex dungeon “.

Apart from pig farming, not much else is known about Kenneth’s father, although, in a deleted scene of ” The One with the Cast of Night Court “, Kenneth tells Tracy that his parents were first cousins something which Kenneth’s father never revealed to Kenneth’s mother, as his father knew that if she knew of their relation, she would have not married him ; [20] however, contrary to this, in ” Grandmentor “, he tells Hazel Wassername that his parents were “technically brothers”.

Cooper , as that alias is seen on a sewn-in patch label on the inside of one of his father’s former suits. Kenneth also relays his father’s final words to Jack: “Son, if you want to get ahead in this world—oh God, this hurts! Tell your mother I’m gay! Many of Kenneth’s comments about his mother and Ron suggest that the two had a sexual relationship, but Kenneth appears to be unaware of this, although, it is implied that he has a great hatred towards him Kenneth once stated that he knew Tracy Jordan like “the back of [his] step-father Ron’s hand”.

In “Governor Dunston”, Ron and Kenneth’s mother, Pearlene played by Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara , respectively , visit Kenneth, and, contrary to what Kenneth’s comments portrayed him to be, Ron is a benign and amiable, if somewhat dim-witted, man who is shown to care for him like a father.

Kenneth, however, still retains his dislike of him, which only increases when Ron accidentally lets it slip that he and Pearlene got married seven years earlier, something of which Kenneth was unaware contradicting the previous quote and is not pleased about.

But, by the end of the episode, he comes to accept Ron as a part of the family. Kenneth has nine siblings, three of whom were given up for adoption. In ” Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish “, Kenneth reveals to Jack that, after his father died, he befriended a pig , which he named Harold. Unfortunately, Kenneth’s mother had to sell Harold to a slaughterhouse , and, with Harold gone, Kenneth had no reason to live in Georgia any longer, and decided to move to New York.

In order to get the money, Kenneth participated in a pig-eating contest, as the first prize was the exact amount that he needed. But, to his horror, the pig that he was given to eat was Harold, and, since then, he has felt extreme remorse for eating his “father pig. Kenneth may have been newly assigned to the TGS studio at the start of the series; in the pilot episode , Liz refers to Kenneth only as “that NBC page”, suggesting they are not close.

In many episodes, Kenneth is shown to be able to speak numerous foreign languages. In ” Sandwich Day “, during the drinking contest against a group of Teamsters , Kenneth discovers that he has unknowingly had alcohol which he calls “hill people milk ” before, and, because he has been drinking it “since [he] was a baby”, he has a high tolerance , managing to keep up on his feet while everyone else competing in the contest gets blind drunk.

Despite his high tolerance for liquor, Kenneth is very susceptible to the effect of caffeine , going on an espresso-fueled bender in ” Episode ” and nearly returning home in shame.

Kenneth has often been shown to create concepts for rather unusual television shows , one of which a game show called Gold Case was actually developed, in the episode ” The Head and the Hair “, although it turned out to be ill-conceived and was promptly shut down. In the episode ” Blind Date “, Kenneth is shown to be a good poker player, due to people being unable to read his thoughts, since, according to Frank, “he doesn’t have any. As shown many times throughout the series, Kenneth is an incredibly selfless person.

One of the most notable examples of this is in ” Believe in the Stars “, when he is trapped in an elevator. Jack claims that there is enough air for eight people, but, as the elevator contains nine, he announces that “one of us Finding the gun inoperable, he wraps his belt around his neck and urges the others to strangle him.

Jack, disgusted by Kenneth’s altruism, abruptly opens the elevator door and demands, “What is wrong with you? In ” Black Light Attack! Kenneth has technically died two different times: his first death occurs in ” The Ones “, when he deliberately underwent anaphylaxis and, as a result, was clinically deceased for five minutes, [12] and he dies once again in the episode ” College “, when he contracted hypothermia on the balcony to Jack’s office and briefly died, returning with a message from God , which he forgot.

On three occasions, Kenneth has been seen arguing with an unknown entity, whom he addresses as “Jacob” a possible reference to the character from Lost. This first occurs in ” Gentleman’s Intermission “, when, believing that Tracy has died, Kenneth falls to his knees and tearfully yells “I’m not done with him, Jacob! He stays on this side! Give me more time, Jacob! In ” Kidnapped by Danger “, when Jack asks him how he maintains such a uniquely positive outlook on his life, Kenneth darkly tells him that he does so by lying to himself, and also informs Jack that he “[does not] know how much longer [he] can do it” before resuming his cheerful demeanor.

In ” Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning “, Kenneth reveals to Liz that he is unable to see his reflection, as when he looks into a mirror , “There is only a white haze” [33] however, this statement conflicts with an earlier episode, ” Klaus and Greta “. What are you asking? In the episode ” St. Patrick’s Day “, it is revealed that he had a tail until he was 16 years old, which, as seen when he gives it to Hazel for good luck, has the appearance of a white rabbit ‘s foot. In ” Nothing Left to Lose “, when Tracy regains his ability to smell, he notices that Kenneth has no scent at all , but Kenneth cheerfully brushes this discovery off.

My body is just a flesh vessel, for an immortal being whose name, if you heard it, would make you lose your mind. She attempts to seduce him, but Kenneth angrily tells her to stop it. However, immediately after telling her this, he pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Jack Donaghy “. In ” Jackie Jormp-Jomp “, it is unwittingly implied by Kenneth several times over that he has been sexually harassed by Today show co-host Meredith Vieira.

Kenneth’s religious views are mainly a satirically exaggerated form of Christian fundamentalism. Gary [51] who is frequently implied to be a hebephile. In the episode ” Greenzo “, Kenneth states that he intends to ” party like it’s “, a year which, according to his Bible , will occur in seven years. In ” Subway Hero “, Kenneth reveals that he has no political views, because, according to him, “choosing is a sin”. Instead, he always submits write-in votes for God however, according to Jack, those count as Republican.

In various episodes, Kenneth is shown to be considerably uneducated and disrespectful of other religions. In ” Christmas Special “, while passing out gifts to the TGS writing staff, he wishes Josh Girard a “merry Jewish “; [53] in ” Secret Santa “, he sets up a multi-faith holiday display, which includes a framed photo of Barack Obama , that Kenneth states is “for the Muslims “; [58] in ” “, when Jenna, who wants to have a baby, tries to seduce him, he refuses, on the grounds that they are unmarried and part of different religions; in ” Standards and Practices “, he comments that the Jewish network executives are “trained from birth to argue”.

In ” Believe in the Stars “, Kenneth states that he does not believe in hypothetical situations, because he thinks that it is like “lying to your brain “. In ” Respawn “, Kenneth reveals that he believes the phrase “No, thank you”, to be vulgar language. Kenneth’s family, as well as many of the citizens in Kenneth’s hometown, are supporters of the Confederacy ; in ” Flu Shot “, Kenneth reveals that his family’s traditional burial for Parcell men is to have their body wrapped in a Confederate flag, fried , and fed to dogs.

Although he is respectful to others, male and female alike, Kenneth has displayed some harshly misogynistic opinions; in ” The Funcooker “, when he is put in charge, his first order is to have all menstruating women leave the workplace immediately. In ” Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky “, he refuses to work in Ad Sales any longer, due to the fact that numerous of their sponsors make housework easier for women.

While Kenneth appears to be in his mid to late twenties McBrayer was actually 33 years old at the show’s start, and 39 when it ended , it has been implied numerous times since the third season that he is actually much older. This is first hinted at in ” The One with the Cast of Night Court “, when Kenneth states, “I’ve worn this old jacket since hubeduh”, intentionally mumbling the year.

In the episode ” Cutbacks “, Kenneth states that he has owned his pet bird Sonny Crockett for almost 60 years, implying that it wasn’t named for the Miami Vice character. In a deleted scene from ” Mamma Mia “, it is implied that he is a veteran of World War II , as he is recognized by an elderly man as one of his fellow troops who served in Normandy.

In the episode ” Into the Crevasse “, Kenneth appears in a s-era flashback, dancing to the song “Doin’ the Microwave “. In the episode ” The Baby Show “, Dr. Spaceman has a pamphlet on his desk, that reads ‘Never Die’ with a picture of Kenneth on it. In ” Subway Hero “, to Jack’s puzzlement, Kenneth recognizes Bucky Bright, a celebrity who was described as being active in the “40s and 50s”.

Fred Muggs was featured on the show, implying that he watched the program when the primate served as the show’s mascot , which was from to In ” The Problem Solvers “, when Tracy asks him if he “want[s] to be a page forever”, Kenneth nervously asks “Who said I’ve been alive forever? In ” Future Husband “, Kenneth states that he remembers Jenna’s first acting role in a commercial that aired in the s, commenting that she was “a fat baby”.

In ” Don Geiss, America and Hope “, when NBC is bought out by Kabletown, Kenneth becomes worried and asks Jack if they will be implementing new rules for pages, such as “age limits and age verification”.

During a flash-forward , in the episode ” “, Kenneth, Tracy, and Jenna speculate where they will be in five years. The scene then shows three tombstones , with Kenneth’s year of birth appearing to be listed as although the second digit is partially obscured by a leaf in multiple shots.

If this birth date is accurate, it would mean that Kenneth is over years old it is also worth noting that, while he is buried, his arm bursts from his grave to give a thumbs-up to the camera, further supporting the theory that he is immortal.

In ” Respawn “, while talking to Jack he states in his apartment there are only white cockroaches while pointing to himself indicating that he is unable to die. In ” Nothing Left to Lose “, he implies that he is an angel, which could possibly be the secret behind his apparent immortality. In ” Meet the Woggels! Sandman , which was released in In ” Governor Dunston “, his mother recalls how, on the day he was born, Kenneth informed her that his body was just a “flesh vessel” for an immortal being.

In the series finale , after years of implications and clues, it is finally confirmed once and for all that Kenneth is indeed immortal when he is revealed in the distant future to have not aged. Decades earlier, at the start of his tenure as NBC president in ” Hogcock! In the intervening time, he apparently changes his mind, as he greenlights Liz’s great-granddaughter’s pitch for a period piece based upon the stories she had heard from Liz growing up.

The series violates every one of the earlier no-no words; set at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the early 21st century, it is 30 Rock , and Kenneth loves it. The Kenneth Parcell character has received highly positive reviews and was dubbed a breakout character , moving into the main cast beginning in season two.

In , he was listed as the top 30 Rock character by IndieWire , ahead of Liz Lemon: “But most importantly of all, 30 Rock was by and large about how great and wonderful television can be. And no one loves television more than Kenneth. Perhaps second only to Dwight Schrute “. He might be a little repetitive, sure, but he’s also got the highest laughs-to-screentime ratio of anyone out there. However, the character has received negative reaction, as well.

The A. Club listed Kenneth on its list of television “Showblockers,” writing “[ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character on “30 Rock”. Not to be confused with the child rapist Kenneth Parnell. Fictional character. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved May 20, Retrieved Retrieved 28 August


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