Autodesk inventor 2016 change inch to mm free

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I credit OpenSCAD as a unique style of modeling suited well to people who are naturally programmer logical thinking mindsets. Also, I cannot calculate the properties mass, volume

Autodesk inventor 2016 change inch to mm free

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How to convert units of drawing in AutoCAD – In the Current Document


If you tick ‘Load Automatically’ bottom right hand corner it should activate the add on every time you start inventor. I need the solid. Mesh Enabler was THE promise. Thx and best regards. I suddenly had a problem with this add-in and just had to re-inable it on the tool menu. It works great as long as you have it running.

Install the add-in on a working student edition of inventor , but after installing add-in inventor crashes either during splash screen or after splash screen but before home page opens. Inventor stalls out doesn’t shut down.

Requires force-quitting After waiting long enough it does seem to get past the splash screen, but it still stalls for ages at the home screen open recently used files screen.

It works well. I used it with 3DPrintTech 2. I haven’t download the program yet, but I wonder about that which version of inventor does it work with? I will load inventor hsm pro v, any problem? The installation seems to work but once I am in Inventor Pro and the option “convert to base feature” is missing when right clicking on my object.

So it seems to be loading but the menu entry is not there. How do I fix this? Hey, i had the same issue. I fixed it by going to Tools and clicking on Add-Ins. I noticed that mesh enabler wasnt being loaded for my model, so i selected it and checked the boxes. Hope this works for you! Can somebody help?? I need the app really really urgently. I too am unable to see the the download despite being on Subscription. As luck would have in I need this urgently to create a Shrinkwrapped part of some Catia files which at the moment are only meshes.

Every time I’ve tried to use Mesh Enabler for a part that really isn’t that big, the program crashes. I keep seeing that the bug has been fixed but I’m still having this problem. I can’t seem to get the download link to appear. I am signed in and i click the subscription app button but nothing happens besides more dialogue. Would really like to use this app. To become a subscriber, please contact your reseller to help you. I am in the same boat. I have logged in, gone to subscription page, and no download.

Has anyone figured this out? What a cool tool that addresses a need in my class Where is the link? I click Subscription App but it doesn’t let me download. Hey Eric, I was having the same problem and customer support was no help. I think their license server was down for a bit for educational licensing because now I can download it.

This is exactly what I’ve been needing! Saved me a few times, and couldn’t be simpler! The only thing I guess I could ask for would be tools to automatically reduce the mesh size within the tool – but there are plenty of other programs for that try Meshmixer!

This works very well! The only problem is that I cannot figure out how to import designs that were exported as mm. They import as inches and show up very large. You may have solved this already but just in case: When you are importing the model you can click on options and a window will appear. Here you can select the units, by default they should be set to “Template Units” and here you could change it to whatever unit you need.

I’ve installed the addin, and I’m attempting to do a mesh convert from the file as an. IPT, and after accepting the operation, it just seems to hang. I mean I cannot do a single thing after starting it. A few mouse clicks later, and the ‘busy wheel’ appears, and Inventor SP1 is no longer responding. I am having the same problem for bigger.

Smaller are converted fine. I have waited for hours but nothing happens. Is there a solution besides waiting? I tried to convert a.

I have changed the star rating from an original 2 stars to 4 stars now. Rocky fixed the issue and it seems to work fine now. Thanks Rocky.

I am fixing this issue and will publish the newer version. Thanks for your feedback. Thank you Rocky for looking into it. I am using SP1 so I look forward to the new version when it is available. Seems to work fine now after Rocky fixed it up. Thanks Rocky! This next comment doesn’t really have anything to do with how the Mesh Enabler works other than how you import then use the Enabler: Make sure you know what your units are of the. I opened a customer model and it looked correct until I made a measurement and it was 12″ the real measurement was 0.

The customer exported in mm and I imported in inch. So it sees the 12 as the value and the import doesn’t know or care what it is but as soon as I changed my import option to mm the. Once the. Jeremy, I am having the same problem with it importing in inches when it should be in mm. How did you change the option to import in mm? Evan, What I did is when you go to open your. That should do it. Keep in mind I believe it keeps as a default when you change that and you may have to go back and return it to whatever units you normally save in.

Hope this helps. When it works, works good. Can run the same file twice in a row. One time converts meshes, next it won’t. Mesh Enabler. Autodesk, Inc. Digitally signed app. Subscription App. Description The Mesh Enabler application converts mesh features to solid base features or surface features.

Read Help Document. About This Version Version 1. Screenshots and Videos. Customer Reviews. Fernando Jimenez December 05, Alessio Nightly November 26, We need an update, please. Please update for inventor And more vertex please. Richie Mols November 21, Redhwan Abdullah October 17, Great job, Thank you very much. Cazemier September 25, Leon Renz November 30, I can agree with that but I haven’t found a solution for that problem yet.

L F April 06, Kis Gellert January 23, Brandon Mooney December 15, To the folks who see all the “doesn’t work! Deividas Palacionis June 22, Thank you so much, i can confirm it works fine. Michael Hahn August 24, Thank you so much for this update!! Ludovic Duvanel August 16, Please update the app, very usefull and no alternative found.

Thank you a lot in advance ofr developpement. Elliott Potter August 12, Kirsten Jongman August 12, Brad Greentree July 29, Hi When it is compatible with Inventor Alternative? Jason Blane July 19, Jennifer Remy July 09, Daniel Leinz June 29, Please, Upgrade Scott Mikutsky June 24, Charles Louwagie June 28, Deividas Palacionis June 14, Please, Upgrade for INV to support. Updating my note: It’s working fine now with ver. Marc Schneider May 28, Luciano Demarchi May 27, No funciona para Inventor , tuve que descar inventor Espero actualizacion.

Navjot Cheema May 25, Doesn’t work with , please update it. Alexandria Avery May 21, Levi Erickson May 14, A2K Webinars. While working on your design you may notice that measurements are in inches imperial rather than millimetres metric.

Depending on how you are taught or what you prefer, you may want to change your measurement settings to metric. So, how can this be done? The measurement settings are set to imperial by default, but this can be easily changed. These simple steps will allow you to change the measurements from inches to millimetres, and back again anytime during your design.

Purchase Autodesk Inventor from the Redstack online store today or learn more about Autodesk Inventor training course. VM has its overhead. You really just need to add the Host and Guest requirements.

Modern desktop PCs are virtualization friendly. VM overhead pretty minimal these days with GPU pass-through being the only thing even a novice should struggle with. Listen to what Andy wrote and said… You can still build a Hackentosh and it runs better then an Apple made system. Just as an example, I just bought an upgrade to VMware Fusion You do not loose a function on your old Fusion10 though if you not yourself choose so e.

I still use an old Lightroom 5 on a Macbook for my photos. But services just can cripple your functionality without you actually doing anything.

That feature obviously relies on the cloud, which is why it was removed. But that is besides the point. You lose old functions when the system you need to run it is old and incompatible or insecure. I hope to run it forever.

About 8, 16 and 20 years for the ones I could think of quickly. For something to be deemed service, and not be regulated by law or government as a natural monopoly, there should be standardization of the service and an multitude, not max limited, of independent service providers you can seamlessly switch between. If there is a unique something-as-a-service, then it is just a bait with a hidden hook inside. That stops anyone producing new services — by nature they can neither be regulated or standardised.

Last year when people, including here said I was being paranoid and just Autodesk-hating: told ya so. I had to say i AD is in business to make money.

Not to be your friend. They have run the same cycle before, just like drug dealers. Give you the taste for free to get you hooked, then jack it up. Article should clarify you still get to have many projects, just can only have 10 of them open, the rest will be archived. Fusion being free is absurdly good value. The simulation has saved my ass a few times. What Autodesk charges per year for paid version of Fusion I feel is fair, the problem is the lock-in and that your files can be held hostage if you do not pay them every year.

Fortunately their are nowadays 5 years ago- not so much honestly competitive and powerful free alternatives. Not many, but its worth the time to learn now. Finally to any developers out there for any of this software- stop discounting the value of an intuitive and easy to learn user interface for your super awesome program.

Cleverness only goes so far if usability is lost on your audience- that is one factor Autodesk, though I hate them, implicitly gets.

Could you suggest some of these free alternatives? Perhaps it would be wiser to learn something different. Hency my question! They do not do this because they want to nurture the hobbyists or craftspeople. Almost no no-cost license leads to a later sale.

And Autodesk is doing nothing more than tightening the loopholes. What other options are available that can replace Fusion ? You are paying over and over for a constantly evolving product. I use Eagle 7 and it still does everything I need it to do.

They do need money, but that money should come from people actually wanting the new features. And if nobody buys a new version of your product because nobody needs the new stuff you add, then you are done, you made a perfect product. Much of it seems to be rent-seeking. It is a powerful tool with a lot of potential, but, on the side of my work where I pay for commercial licenses, it is not used.

Autocad is unavoidable though it has become difficult license-wise over the last several years , Inventor has degraded, in my opinion, as the interface has become more Fusion-like rather than fixing bugs, and new bugs have been introduced over the last few years that are not being addressed, especially inthe CAM.

Start with a toolpath that is valid, but make a change that affects nothing about the path- spindle speed- the path is invalidated and inventor refuses to regenerate the path.

Recap is very nice, but I would not buy it as a separate product I have it as part of a bundle. The worst is what happened with Eagle.

Never great, but powerful and stable functionality for years. Then AD bought it. These days, dealing with AD is like dealing with Rigol, but without the cheat codes and with the features you already paid for revocable retroactively. I actually paid for the features on my Rigol scope. Commercial use and all. Which is why you charge for that version of the software and they are stuck with it until the next major version.

Everyone had been doing it for years, and a majority of everyone was ok with that model. It really just seems like companies are trying to squeeze every dime they can out of people who historically bought software once and used that version for a number of years.

BlackMagic provides their software, DaVinci Resolve for free. For the pro version one must pay once and it includes free updates forever…. If a company tries to use pirated version of their software, it will pay much more than its worth. This change is just pure greed on their side, and a rather poor PR move….

Weather is fair and sailing is smooth at the pirate bay…. My thinking is along the same lines as everyone else. The costs to add new features and fix bugs etc should be paid for by the previous versions purchase and the profits from techsupport for the commercial clients.

Which then puts the onus on the developer to make the next version full of useful features and serious quality of life improvements so I WANT the new version enough to pay for it. The only way a subscription type service can become even remotely acceptable to me is when its damn nearly free and my data is my own- so it becomes more like a patreon for the developer but if I decide to pull out all my previous work is still mine and useable assuming its been saved into some non-proprietary format other software can read.

You think you demand or deserve a subscription from me? You are out of touch with reality if that is the case. FreeCAD is really the only option that comes close. Some will say it is far better.

I think it can be as good, but there is a bit of a learning curve. I believe there is, and it has a shallow linear learning path rather than a curve! Install it from openscad. Lesson 2 is finished! Congratulations, you have now done parametric CAD modelling. I credit OpenSCAD as a unique style of modeling suited well to people who are naturally programmer logical thinking mindsets.

I love that it exists, because it is indeed powerful. But it suits the needs of a minority of people compared to how most naturally create physical objects. I mean this in a GOOD way! They all smelled a bit fishy to me so I downloaded Freecad, with all the bigs and crashes it had in I used to always get stuck where it would refuse to map a sketch to a certain face, or bevel a certain edge… Those issues seem to have gone away now.

It can pocket and profile. The adaptive machining feature is nice. It can output to a variety of gcode dialects. The support for rotary axes is extremely experimental. The simulator is not and is not represented as accurate.

Just watch tutorials before running it on real material, and then air-cut first or cut it out of wood. That said, it has no built in CAM tools, which sucks. I really like OnShape, but left when they changed the terms of the free tier to make all designs created with it public domain. On the free Public Plan from OnShape, all documents are public. From their TOS:. So technically, you retain the copyright, but by using the service, you have granted effectively public domain rights to anyone.

Try modelling something beyond the basics of project boxes and the like and let us know how that goes. Never crashed on me. Because this part of the thread is responding to the comment about not wanting to learn how to program in OpenSCAD. I was 13 years old. I played with AutoCad 1. Now, Instead of using the line tools, make a new file and re-code in the co-ordinates and dimensions.

I mean granted it was AutoCAD 1. I never could get into Fusion It just seemed… clunky. Broken stuff never gets fixed, useless features get added because they look shiny.

Plus Fusion was too cloudy for my liking. But they do want their pound of flesh, and are very proprietary, so I suggest taking a hard look at the libre stuff first. I use Inventor Pro at work. Plus I would have had to transfer the thousands of models and parts into Fusion and keep them in their cloud. I use Fusion maybe times a year just for the CAM for the lathe. I have used Inventor for decades, and full-time professionally for some of that time. I still prefer it to Fusion, but after a period of adjustment I got used to Fusion for modelling too.

Though I still have no idea how assembly joints are meant to work The incentive for me was that Fusion runs natively on my Mac, whereas my free home-use license Inventor needed to be run in a VM. The LinuxCNC developers including myself seem to actively avoid being paid. If someone pays you they get to choose what you work on. And when. Main thing missing is a dedicated YouTube channel for FreeCAD showing how to do everything it can do- which ought to not be crazy difficult to achieve.

Main thing missing is a dedicated YouTube channel for showing how to do everything it can do- which ought to not be crazy difficult to achieve. Sorry- ignore above post. Even in ugh… , there is no free lunch. There is a free version that one can use to test the program and the premium version is far much cheaper than Fusion With the free account, users have access to all the drawing tools, mesh modeling features, and even sculpting tools.

The premium version allows you to export in all the common standard formats, access all the sketching tools, unlimited file import, deformation tools, and even the slicing tool. You can give it a try and I know you will really enjoy it. It uses 2. Separately from any model data. I figured this was too good to last when they introduced it. I guess they just want you to use it for programming a Tormach. Great community of devs, and many youtube tutorials.

Check if the Calculix solver can be enabled in a local build: sudo apt-get install libarpack-dev python-scipy libspooles calculix-ccx. I guess Solidworks and Mastercam are happy today too. Yet most users could never afford those seat licences in a small shop. Free, but not open.

Desktop software that does require online activation once, so they might change the deal, but have not done so in all the years I have been using it. DSM v4 is what? Se also Adobe Creative Suite. Bye bye, greedy bastards. I will never rent software that holds my work hostage. The people who got subscription based software correct is Jetbrains. If you pay for 12 months, you get what they call a fallback license.

That current version is now yours, to keep forever. If you continue to pay the subscription… at the next 1 year mark, you lock in at that version. This continues perpetually. On top of that, your subscription cost is reduced over time. I have absolutely no problem paying one-time fees for software. I must have trained at least engineers over the last 20 years to use Eagle. I was their number one fan, starting back in the windows NT3. The only difference is upfront free is lower and maintenance is higher.

Perfectly happy to pay for innovation. If I choose to do so. But feature-stripping is not innovation. Ill be gentle…how about a legit copy of Solidworks? The subscription model lowers the barrier to entry and keeps you at the newest revision and feature set. Autocad knows the answer. Youll either move to some free hobby cad…. It is only a matter of time before Microsoft moves Windows to a subscription based model too… I wish I could move off Windows platforms, but some of the software I use only works on Windows… argh….

So if you really must run that exact software rather than the opensource alternative which almost certainly exists give it a go when you have some time and patience. It has a generous 90 day trial period, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to fork down some money on a real 3D modeling program without wanting to get bullied into the subscription model. Similar story here. AND you get Grasshopper, which has its own ecosystem.

IMO, Rhino is the real competition in this space. Your day job can afford the SolidWorks license. Rhino is worth the price of admission. Look at the ongoing thread for NPT threads in the F forums.

I do modeling in Inventor. I have two lathes, CNC mill, manual mill, CNC plasma, two 3D printers … many thousands of dollars have been spent on them, but there is no endless monthly fee on them. Also these things have re-sell value, unlike software. So for hobby the subscription model is pretty much DOA. For actual work where the tools pays for itself it is not bad and actually maybe preferable for many reasons.

If there is actually a movie that is worth my time to watch I will take the trouble and pleasure of going to a theatre to see it. Last time was years ago. Life is too short to spend it on being entertained. They wont service unless you pay a yearly maintenance fee. Lets not even get started on RFIDtags and closed material options….

It would be great if these sorts of scenarios didnt exist. I get your sentiment. I dont waste my money on recreational online subscriptions either. Id love it if these CAD companies offered a Pay 5 years up front and just own it option. But I also understand that software piracy has ruined that model for us all.


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