Services Offered

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Electrical Services

11-33KV, 110KV Substations Yards & Gas Insulated Substations Design. Power Distribution System of conduits, Wiring, MC B/ELCBs, Transformers, Diesel Generator, Automatic Changeover Systems, UPS Power Supply Systems, Power Cabling, Switchgears & Panel Boards. Illumination Engineering / Lighting: Includes Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Facade Lighting, Landscape Lighting, and Lighting Controls. Wind Power, Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems. Building Lightning Protection, Surge protection for Equipment and Grounding Systems.

Air Conditioning & Mechanical
Ventilation Systems

Central Air Conditioning Systems for High and Low Side of the System Including. Selecting the appropriate type of Chiller Plant, Piping Systems, Pumping Systems, Controls. Air Handling Systems including Ducting, AHUs, Insulation systems. Ventilation Systems for Toilets including Design of Centralized Ventilation Systems. Car Park Ventilation, Kitchen Ventilation and Exhaust Systems.

LV & ELV Systems

IBMS and BMS systems Surveillance systems (CCTV), Car park management, Boom Barriers and Access Control. ICT Systems (Information & Communications Technology, Telephone & LAN) AV and Public Address systems, CATV / Cable TV Systems

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant System, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Tanks & Gas Based Systems. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems using Smoke & Heat Detectors, Alarm Panels

Plumbing Services

Water Supply Systems including CP Fittings, Sanitary Ware, Piping Systems, Water Storage Systems, Pumping Systems, Pump Rooms. Drainage Systems including Internal & External Soil and Waste Drainage, Building Roof Drainage, Site Storm Water Drainage, Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Lighting Systems

LLC provides innovative lighting solutions for residential and commercial buildings. This includes interior lighting, exterior lighting, facade lighting, landscape lighting, and lighting controls.